Monday, April 15, 2019


Odd world of living
Keeping at it, as if forever
Hint of denial, ignorance more than hint
Everyone a king, this world of clever.

Even world of dead
Reality undisputed yet fictional
Cannot create in realm left behind
Flutters and waves, no more maligned
Astral world, now on the mind
Mind, that is , if it ever existed
Shadow in the dark, eyes of the blind.

Adventure started on day one
For some the same day, some ten thousand
For some longing the past, some at frown's end
For some letting it go, some relishing friction
Reality undisputable yet some term it fiction.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spirit Animal Series: Part I (The Why of Travel)

Zero Jobs. One Couple. Two Backpacks. Six Months. Eight Lacs. WHY!

This can be the single most irritating question. WHY! Also, I ask this question a lot to others, ending up frustrating them. It works only when directed inwards. To the spirit animal. But that hardly happens. So, when others, the society, asks why, the best is to just carry on.

We all have heard a lot of clichés - the travel sets you free, it changes you, it teaches you - well they are all clichés for a good reason. It’s all true. The real question of course is Why Not Travel! When I try to answer this, i do not get a single convincing answer. It usually revolves around how it will derail the plan of usual progression of life, the 'life goals' which broadly includes - the marriage, the house, the child, the promotion, the hierarchy among peers, the standing in the society. So, I accepted the risks involved in all the mentioned 'life goals,' risking the future for the present, and moving forward. I am fortunate to have one less risk though - I am already married, ha! And less than a year into the marriage (arranged!) we both are lucky to be on the same page in relation to travel.

The plan was to make a budget, out of our savings, and see how many months we can afford on it. We took out 8 lacs, after doing some calculations of ‘securing our future’ and ‘living in the present.’ Thankfully we did not have any EMIs. We also considered coming back to no income and then looking for months before getting to work. The aim was to do at least 6 months. There was no specific reason why 6 months, just! Also, if we got over with the money earlier, we would come back home. There was one difference between usual 6-month travel and ours, that we would be coming back and forth to India a lot. Sometimes, for visas, sometimes for the ease of coordination, or sometimes to make up for lack of planning.

The trip would start in April, with first destination being Europe. Sitting in the airport, we did some rough calculations to find out that we can manage 6 months within budget if we follow 2 conditions. One, our daily accommodation cost should be Rs 2000 or less and two, we have to survive on $20 per day for both of us combined, which includes all meals, sights, purchases, local transport and miscellaneous. Challenge accepted.

So WHY did we do this? We carry on...

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Unwritten Book

Rain drops, more like bullets
cut the skin, shower intense
yet we carry on
it’s a test, we say
We got to come through

Streams of mud
impossible to tread
so we jump in
it’s a test, we say
we got to come through

Life at risk
doctor giving up
we take up matters
it’s a test, we say
we got to come through

Getting over the line
that line always in view
if not in eyes, in mind
but always in view

Wise man once said
its not the highest mountain
but the pebble in the shoe
now with no line in sight
how do you get over it?

The biggest test of all
keep at it and one day
things will change, or you
yes it’s also a test
we say and,
we got to come through

Every layer peeled
is a problem healed
yet there will be a shout
next layer, tougher
never ending bout
rounds after rounds
who is winning?
still no one
hence the question

Answer lies in the book
not yet written, still
hanging by the hook
it will end the bout
both without any clout
they will rise
mountains will be climbed
pebbles, will lay in demise.